Rashid Behbudov Phenomena      
Kamil SHAKHVERDIYEV           
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I was in shock for long time. I couldn't believe that for Rashid Behbudov's memory the state meetings of government as Russia could be cancelled by president level of the country. Interviews that I took from well-known, world-wide fame artists and political figures for Azerbaijan TV, and these distinguished personalities' thoughts about Rashid Behbudov assured me that this immortal son of Azerbaijan is in the higher place than time and place notion. To research this famous master's activity only in singer context mainly would be great erroneousness. These researches should be hold in different aspects. In this article I do not put in a claim for complete researches of Rashid Behbudov's activity. I repeat once more that to hold these researches in different aspects will help to open Rashid Behbudov phenomena. And I merely want to bring the precious facts and invaluable information for our culture and music history to our beloved readers' attention.

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