Tofig Alakbar Guliev      
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Tofig Guliev started his labor activity in 1941 as an art director of Azerbaijan State Jazz Orchestra. Later on he was a chief of an orchestra of Azerbaijan radio, worked at Azerbaijan State Conservatory in 1954-1958. Tofig Guliev worked as an art director of Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society in 1958-1959, and as a director of it in 1961-1964. From 1958 he was a member, from 1968 the secretary, from 1973 the first secretary, from 1990 till the end of his life the chairman of Board of Directors of Composers Union of Azerbaijan.

Tofg Gulievs name has entered to music history as a founder of Azerbaijan variety and jazz music. Using skillfully Azerbaijan folk music traditions and music forms established in XX century the composer songs are the nice examples of public music genre. Tofig Gulievs songs distinguished with its simple music language, clear and national color brought him the endless love of thousands of listeners, his songs are loved as the true folk music among people.

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