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The presentation of Azerbaijan Composers and Musicians questionary collection booklet Web site was held in September 15, at the conference hall of Regus Business Center. The ceremony was devoted to the 115th anniversary of the founder of our national professional music and genius composer Uzeyir Hajibayovs birthday and the 1st anniversary of Musiqi Dunyasi (Music World) - the first professional music magazine of the Republic. We should mention especially that the main sponsor of the project is the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the USA Department of State and it has taken the responsibilities of this project by means of IREX/IATP and helped to carry it out. The partners in the realizing of this project were Open Society Institute Azerbaijan Aid Fund, Baku Culture and Art Informational Center and Regus Business Center. AdaNet was introduced as a provider, coordinator and executive of Musiqi Dunyasi (Music World) magazine-project.

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