"Musiqi dünyası" № 4 (65) 2015

Article №4; 7507 - 7506 pр.
Sheyla Heydarova. Dedicated to the 130th anniversary of U.Hajibayli and his creative friendly relations with L.Rostropovich.
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That was the the first time in East when Conservatory was established in Baku in 1921. An important role in the creation of institution played the best musicians, composers, singers of that time. We should note the role of Uzeyir Hajibayli here, who was the rector of the Conservatory. With the aim to develop students' abilities to play European instruments, as well as for the development of the traditions of classical music, Hajibayli invited teachers from different educational institutions of the Soviet Union to work in Azerbaijan State Conservatory. It affected the development of musical culture in Azerbaijan. The composer wrote: "Development of Eastern music, to reach the level of art music, is possible in the case of European music being applied to this area. Only according to this theory is possible to determine the nature of the law and of Eastern music!" Given the importance of the development of performing outstanding musician in 1925, gifted cellist Professor Leopold Vitoldovich Rostropovich was invited to Baku. Starting at an early age in the musician's way L.V.Rostropovich has successfully moved all the time. 18-year-old, who has already successfully performed abroad and about L.Rostropovich pretty good ideas were written specifically in English, French, USA, Polish press as, "cellist-singer L.Rostropovich" and was created the ad at the prospect. At the same time, the Berlin Museum named after Mendelson rewarded L.Rostropovich by a nice cello prepared by Italian master Qvadinini (XVIII). L.Rostropovichi was considered as, "a new musical life event", what was proving the 18-year-old musician's bright future. Despite all this creative musician way of L.Rostropovich, his whole life was not easy at all. Speaking about his teaching performance, in particular the services necessary to mention seeing his hometown. It should be noted that many talented students who played a great role in his successful marches.

Years of being invited to work to Azerbaijan State Conservatoire are the most exciting in the life of L.Rostropovich. L.Rostropovich was one of the leading educators and professors in ASC. It should be noted that, in 1914, L.Rostropovich came to Azerbaijan for the first time. Of course, in these years, the concerts were performed in the Russian Imperial Theatre Artist L.Rostropovich. One of these concerts was in 1916, the charity concert. The press wrote: "Although the young reputation of L.Rostropovich in the music world. Now this is the second year he lives here, and this time he has gained Baku music society ".

This belief became the reason of his returning to Baku in 1925. His wife pianist Sofia Nikolaevna Fedotova was also working in the Azerbaijan State Conservatory in the piano faculty. They were living in the Kolodezni street 19 (Leopold and Mstislav M.Rostropovichs's street).

Real creative relations between the leading face of the professional music U.Hajibayli and talented violoncellist professor L.Rostropovich soon began. The two prominent personalities were related to each other at the same time with friendly relations. L.Rostropovich played a major role in the development of professional cellist school and created first string quartet with a proposal of U.Hajibayli. The members of the quartet: I.Eydlin, M.Simberov, V.Adamskiy and L.Rostropovich. U.Hajibayli quartet works for string quartet on the advice of L.Rostropovich played many concerts. L.Rostropovich participated in concerts as solo performer as well as a quartet. Concert posters displayed in the home-museum allow us to talk about it.

While paying attention to billboards we see how rich is repertoire of L.Rostropovich. L.Rostropovich is a performer of classical music, as well as samples of the music found in the east. Among his numerous students at the conservatory A.Dashdamirov, F.Alakbarov, G.Krupkin, A.Karimov, and many others.

Among the students in the class of cello lessons under the guidance of specially L.Rostropovicin conservatory should be noted the name of Asaf Zeynalli. He studied in parallel in composition faculty in the class of U.Hajibayli. It should be noted that the Azerbaijani composers who created the first work for cello was A.Zeynalli student of U.Hajibayli. L.Rostropovich beautiful performer, composer, teacher he was also playing in opera theatre at the same time. L.Rostropovich in respect of gifted composers, quite frankly, with the conviction of his close friends Uzeyir and one of the great musician and composer M. Magomayev taught himself to play the cello.

In Rostropovich's family on March 27, 1927 occurs a significant event, so that their son Mstislav was born. Uzeyir and Muslim as the members of their family were also happy to this event. Their musical evenings spent at home, the music, the atmosphere has caused Mstislav's childhood love of music. It is no coincidence that the first work, "Polka" dance he wrote while the he was 4 years old in Baku.

L.Rostropovich and his family moved to Moscow in 1931. L.Rostropovich's creative life in Moscow was not so easy. Friendly relations with Uzeyir bey continue for a long time. Reaffirm friendly relations, while one of them wrote letters, which allow you to archive documents. One of these letters in 1938, to Uzeyir bey was written by L.Rostropovich on June 2, the letters are in L. and M.Rostropovich's museum in Azerbaijan.

Along they share personal problems with each other.

"My dear friend, Uzeyir! Unfortunately, you and your spouse went to Moscow, without being my guests. We would be very glad to see you. Hope during next your visit you'll call me by 3-12-19 number. We are still under the influence of the wonderful atmosphere of "Koroghly" and beautiful music ".

The letter L.Rostropovich wrote after listening to"Koroghlu" opera during the Azerbaijan Culture Days in Moscow in 1938. One of the lines to draw attention to the letter of the orchestra L.Rostropovich wrote "Svobodnıy Azerbaijan" (Soviet Azerbaijan), a suite of his words about the U. Hajibayli request. The L.Rostropovich writes: "My dear friend, if the suite is approved, I will ask you to make it's orchestra version."

Unfortunately, we have no information about this suite. The only information obtained and published is "Svobodnıy Azerbaijan" suite title page written by the author in the home- museum Rostropovichs. Here he wrote and to whom the work is dedicated to what purpose, he explains:

"I am dedicated to St. Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijani authorities.

To the memory of my Baku working years and to the decade Moscow (Baku Delegation) coming meeting (welcoming) is. Moscow. 6.04.1938 years. "

The title page headline: "Azad Azerbaijan" suite. Honoured Artist of the Republic, Professor L.V. Rostropovich-written words.

Referring to the end of the letter U. Hajibayli L.Rostropovich writes:

"Art Committee wrote to my students," piano miniatures "in a note published as I will I send you a copy." In addition, the 30-year anniversary of her concert to be held in the winter L.Rostropovich. Specifically provides that the concert was included in the program of songs and dances of East people and a desire to write about:

"It would be better to enter the program works for you and your works to be performed. Once again, that reminds me not to forget my request. I would like you: a) a Turkish song and b) I get to dance works. I am sure that as you are a musician - composer, but as a sudden inspiration, and everything you need to find a good 3 L.Rostropovich minutes creativity. Looking at his performance repertoire that there is no longer feel the effects of his style of Eastern music. It is the survival of its outstanding composer Uzeyir bey was very intense from the fact that the creative relationships. Such a work of outstanding Russian composer A.K.Glazunov wrote L.Rostropovic talking about. This work, written for cello by L.Rostropovich Oriental" concert, where the composer was widely used in oriental music motifs.

Maestro Rostropovich in 1997 after a long separation from his family during the arrival to the great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibayli's house-museum, and the museum is visited by his memory writes book reviews.

Rostropovich U.Hajibayli immortal work of "opera has applied several times. For the first time in January 2004 on the opening of Muslum Magomayev Azerbaijan State Philharmonic arrived in Baku said. He conducted this work is to perform a symphony orchestra. In September of 2005, in connection with the 120th birthday of U.Hajibayli "Uzeyir's Day" was held. On this occasion, Rostropovich especially visits Baku and conducts overture for the second time.

It should be noted that there is conductor bar he wore on the Philharmonic concert in 2005, concert filmed video footage, photographs and autograph of maestro in the museum.

I want to emphasize that in the early years of the museum formation (1998-1999) a copy of the title page of the suite was given to me by one of the biggest fans of Mstislav Rostropovich. Only two years ago, after a long research, it was discovered a fragment of the second part of the manuscript suite "Free Azerbaijan". Notes are in the St. Petersburg Archive of Rostropovich. This fragment is not L.Rostropovich's manuscript, but rather it is the hand of a copyist. On the cover there is an inscription: "Suite Azerbaijan", the composer L. Rostropovich, arranged by F. Demidovich. However, to my request to the Principal Officer "Archive Rostropovich – Vishnevskaya» – senior employee advised with regret that he was not aware of the identity of F. Demidovich, as well as the source of receipt of these notes. Since most of the materials Rostropovich will be investigated and processed later, after a huge amount of material relating to the life and work of Maestro. After studying musical material (a fragment of the second part), we can conclude that L. Rostropovich, creating a suite, was heavily influenced by Azerbaijani folk dances and songs. Let us not forget also that the work itself is dedicated to Azerbaijan.

But let's go back to main text of letter of L.Rostropovich written to U.Hajibayli. Leopold Rostropovich and Uzeyir were not only colleges but also family friends. All these said Ramazan Khalilov former director of the U.Hajibayli home- museum as well as the relative, to Rostropovich himself.

The great musician, no matter where our fellow native of Maestro Rostropovich forget our Baku, to bring joy to those who love him with every visit was not accidental. Rostropovich said about it:

"My father loved the country, my mother loved this country, Azerbaijan has inherited my love."

Of course, the heart of which is connected to Aerbaijan, the great contribution in the development of Azerbaijani musical culture, Uzeyir Hajibayli, Leopold and Mstislav Rostropovichs we will never forget.

P.S. Dear readers! Appeals to you, we would like to ask you, "Azad Azerbaijan" Please tell us if you have information about the suite score. In 1938, he wrote a letter to U. Hajibayli LRostropovicin we know that the score of the work in 1938, Ibrahimov (writer Mirza Ibrahimov) sent. In the years of 1980-90, until we know works by musicians from Baku in Azerbaijan to Russia. Probably, the notes were t presented to Maestro and relatives. But the work did not reach the family of Rostropovich. Any information about this work, or work in the museum itself would be highly appreciated.

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